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Harry Potter News

'Follow The Spiders' ?  26/01/2017

'Follow The Spiders' ?


As we've entered the new year, following on from the excitement of Novembers release of 'Fatastic Beasts And Where To Find them', Potter Fans have been left bewildered at a new feature hitting Potter social media.

The hashtag 'Follow The spiders', made its twitter debut via the WB Studio account this month. Potter Fans have been left to question what exactly this could mean for the franchise, a new addition perhaps?

Rumours lurking around also suggest that perhaps it is to be a new feature at the Studio tour, as it is frequently adding to the magical features that make the Harry Potter tour, such as an exhibit dedicated to Dobby the House elf coming this February.

However, what further widened speculation was the introduction of an official 'Follow The Spiders' Instagram page, which was made to create one large image of Aragog. This length of advertisements suggests maybe something far greater is in store for us Potter heads.

However, speculation will either escalate or cease to exist as of tomorrow, as the Telegraph has revealed there is an expected revelation as of the 27th, during a presentation at the Celebration of Harry Potter convention in Florida.

With just 24 hours remaining, will fans be left at the edge of their seats for a new arrival, or will us muggles be left to question once more, just where the spiders will lead us?

Will it be all we could have hoped for the Wizarding World this new year, or will we too be left like a Young Ronald Weasley - 'Why did it have to be follow the spiders, why couldn't it be follow the Butterflies?


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